Monday, May 9, 2011

Sweet Summer Naps!

Spring has finally arrived to those parts of the world that have been starved for that sun-on-skin sensation. Mother Nature has finally bestowed the kind of weather that begs for short sleeves and outdoor cocktails.

Most people prepare for the warmth of summer by moving coats into the cedar closet and replacing them with light jackets and galoshes. In kitchens from coast-to-coast, hot teas are placed in lemon filled glass pitchers and set to chill. But in the bedroom, while a blanket or two might be folded up and hidden away for the season, cotton sheets somehow remain the status quo 365 days a year.

No one can deny the sweetness of that satisfying moment when hot skin rolls over to land on a cool piece of fabric. Its only downside is in the brutal fact that it ends too soon. But what if it could last longer than a few pleasant seconds? What if that moment could last all night long?

It can. Linen sheets are the answer to enjoying an entire night spent with the thrill of the cold-side-of-the-pillow. Linen, on top of being supremely ecologically sound (no part of a flax plant – from which the fabric is made – goes unused) also boasts a natural ability to regulate and maintain a comfortable body temperature.

The ability for linen sheets to breathe is truly unparalleled. For anyone who likes to be covered to sleep, no matter the temperature, linen never grows uncomfortably heavy or warm – perfect for summer slumber. The texture of Linoto linen is soft, silky and breezy, and our colors are as bright, bold and exciting as those of any synthetic fiber.

It's finally time to change your bed sheets and get ready for summer!

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