Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Minimalist fashion- a return to classics!

Remember when people used to think about the fashion of the future? In the 1980's, when we imagined the fashions of 2010 the look was skin-tight unitards with crazy metal shoulder rings! Well it seems as though it's not just the flying cars we were wrong about - and thank goodness for that.

A huge trend entering the Fall 2010 fashion season is minimalism. Tons of designers are relying on basic fall tones and colors with simplistic pieces that are understated and unpretentious. Others are instead focusing their attention on dramatic cuts and angles, while still keeping things "tone down". What is interesting about this trend is how it pulls from the past with very classic lines and style, but still looks to the future by taking something old and making it adventurous. also has this cool slideshow of minimalist women's designs inspired by menswear.

On of the reasons I founded Linoto, was that it was difficult to find a set of linen sheets that were well made- with simple, modern finishes. Everything was embroidered, monogrammed, scalloped, lace-trimmed, etc. I appreciate this focus on craftsmanship, but it's too fussy.  Your bed should be a comfortable, cozy retreat rather than a made-up extravaganza that can only be admired from afar.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Travel sheets, a touch of home

A lot of people who frequently travel don’t trust hotel sheets. You can’t always know if they’re clean or who’s been sleeping on them - and do you even want to think about it? For those of you often on the move, consider keeping a set of clean linen sheets to bring with you on trips. Not only will you be sure of what you’re touching (you washed them yourself, after all) but you can have that home-away-from-home comfort of the familiar fabric against your skin. And of course, linen stays cooler during the night, so you’ll be more comfortable even if you end up in a stuffy room with a broken A/C or stuck window! As linen can be heavier than some other fabrics, if you’re worried about weight you can just bring pillow cases instead of a whole set. At the very least you can have that clean linen feeling on your cheek all night. 

The added bonus of keeping a travel set of sheets is avoiding the recently reborn scourge of bed bugs. No one wants to think about them, but those pests can be found in hotel rooms across the country and they love to latch onto fabrics. If you’re using travel sheets, they can get washed with your other vacation clothes to ensure you don’t take home any unwanted “souvenirs”.  Then your super clean sheets can be stowed away from your other bedding, maybe in a storage box or a fabric bag made of linen or cotton, so any survivors won’t infest the rest of your collection. Be sure to always wash your travel linens separately from your regular sheets.
You can get a travel linen sheet set at starting at $249. They’re available in a wide range of fun colors to add some style and comfort to your vacation.