Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Protect Our Earth: Order From Linoto!

When I founded Linoto, I envisioned luxurious, high-quality eco-friendly products. Our beautiful linens are are naturally pleasing, tactile, and sensuous.  But shipping a physical product meant that I had to consider the extra "stuff" each customer would be forced to deal with after they received their items. It all adds up, and my conscience wouldn't allow me ship out hundreds and hundreds of plastic bags destined for the trash can shortly after arrival.  At Linoto, each item is folded by hand and packed with loving care. Crinkling plastic would ruin the experience of opening the box. Plain and simple kraft paper wrapped (like an old-fashioned parcel) provides and elegant solution.

Sheets purchased from most big box retailers are mechanically wrapped and then sealed in a thick vinyl zippered bag that will undoubtedly languish for lifetimes in a landfill. I am tremendously proud of the fact we hand pack all of our  products. Then we ship without the use of vinyl, plastic bags or, in fact, any plastic at all. Every bit of our packaging can be recycled. Additionally, all of the wrapping, including the care instructions enclosed with every purchase are made from recycled materials. Linen: It just feels right.