Thursday, December 3, 2009

Linoto Belgian eco-linen from Libeco-Lagae

Beautiful Linoto eco-linen fabric is sourced from Libeco-Lagae, two legendary Belgian linen mills established in 1864 and 1858 respectively which are now combined. The quality and care that goes into producing this fabric is immediately evident. I was first impressed with the substantial weight and the satisfying flutter the linen makes when spread out on the bed. The surface is smooth, lustrous, and cool. This is a true high-end product meant to last for many years. All flax production and linen manufacturing is, by nature, more ecologically sound than cotton. Flax crops don't require irrigation. This means significantly less water is used. Flax crops also require an estimated 85% less pesticides than cotton crops.

Why is this linen designated "eco-linen" ?
Libeco's has an exceptional commitment to ecology and sustainable manufacturing methods. Unlike most linen fabric, this incredible flax is dew-retted. This means, in agricultural terms, that the flax that is eventually spun into eco-linen yarns is broken down naturally with rainwater and morning dew rather than with chemicals and massive quantities of water which speed up the process.

Other sites may advertise their linen sheets as raw and organic but this is misleading. Organic items must be certified by a third party organization such as the CCOF. Today no organization is certifying flax/linen manufacturing so we don't call our eco-linen sheets organic. What we can guarantee is this:

Eco linen is pesticides free.
Eco linen contains no chemical softenening agents
Optic White color achieved with non-toxic oxygen-based solutions that remove color safely.
"Natural" color linen sheets are unbleached, dye-free raw linen.