Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The origin of Linoto linen.

We've received a number of inquires about the origin of the linen we sell at linoto. Nearly all of our linen yarn originates from and is woven in Europe, Russia, and The Baltic States. Our basic white linen is woven in the Czech Republic. Many countries (USA included) do not have a climate that can produce linen quality flax. This is why almost all linen in the US is imported. You may see domestic flax seed or flax seed oil but this grade of plant does not produce the long, lustrous fibers needed for high quality linen fabric. Ireland is famous for it's linen. What most people don't realize is that while the Irish are master weavers of linen fabric, the flax plant does not grow well in Ireland and nearly all Irish linen begins as yarn from other countries. The Linoto Belgian eco-linen is imported from Libeco, one of the most revered linen mills in the world.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

welcome to the linoto.com blog!

Thanks for visiting the linoto blog. Our site launched on Monday, June 25th 2007. We're really excited to offer beautiful, high quality 100% linen sheets.

The choice to design and sell linen came from my own desire for affordable and stylish linen sheets. When I began shopping around it seemed that every set of linen sheets was $1,000 dollars or more and only available in styles that seemed fussy and rather old-fashioned.

I decided to have a set of linen sheets made for my king size bed. I searched for the perfect weight, sophisticated colors, and the softest hand-feel I could find. There are so many beautiful colors and patterns in linen fabrics because linen accepts and holds dyes in an amazing way. It actually becomes more luminous and beautiful when it's washed! When the sheets were finished I replaced my 800 thread count sateen sheets with my new linen sheets. The linen sheets were so soft and cool. The linen sheets just felt so natural and organic. And the weight of the linen was so much more luxurious than the cotton sheets. With every wash the linen sheets became softer and cozier.

I reached a point about 2 months in where I only wanted the linen sheets on my bed! My evening ritual of showering just before bed and climbing in between the cool layers of linen was so calming and luxurious that I decided to create linoto and share the linen sheet experience with everyone who appreciates beautiful, special things in their home.

So linoto was born from my desire for 100% linen sheets in colorful, modern styles at affordable prices. I hope you enjoy sharing your experiences with me!