Sunday, July 1, 2007

welcome to the blog!

Thanks for visiting the linoto blog. Our site launched on Monday, June 25th 2007. We're really excited to offer beautiful, high quality 100% linen sheets.

The choice to design and sell linen came from my own desire for affordable and stylish linen sheets. When I began shopping around it seemed that every set of linen sheets was $1,000 dollars or more and only available in styles that seemed fussy and rather old-fashioned.

I decided to have a set of linen sheets made for my king size bed. I searched for the perfect weight, sophisticated colors, and the softest hand-feel I could find. There are so many beautiful colors and patterns in linen fabrics because linen accepts and holds dyes in an amazing way. It actually becomes more luminous and beautiful when it's washed! When the sheets were finished I replaced my 800 thread count sateen sheets with my new linen sheets. The linen sheets were so soft and cool. The linen sheets just felt so natural and organic. And the weight of the linen was so much more luxurious than the cotton sheets. With every wash the linen sheets became softer and cozier.

I reached a point about 2 months in where I only wanted the linen sheets on my bed! My evening ritual of showering just before bed and climbing in between the cool layers of linen was so calming and luxurious that I decided to create linoto and share the linen sheet experience with everyone who appreciates beautiful, special things in their home.

So linoto was born from my desire for 100% linen sheets in colorful, modern styles at affordable prices. I hope you enjoy sharing your experiences with me!


  1. I got the idea in my head to buy linen sheets and was surprised how difficult it is to find. I saw some on but was surprised that my total for a queen flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases came to a $426 subtotal (for the cheaper linen option that they offer). I did some more searching and found linoto and was very pleased at the price for a set and so I placed an order right away. Can't wait for it to arrive.

  2. Well, what an experience. I had gifted a set of linen sheets to my GF, that I bought from "Rawganique" a Canadian retailer. I ordered Full and got Queen. So I used them on my Queen and liked the feel of sleeping on a natural fabric. I wanted another set of pillowcases (4 pillows)and found Linoto on the web. The difference was startling. As I told Jason, the older sheets feel like burlap next to the Linoto items. I bought a set of sheets for a wedding present at the same time and was very pleased to be accommodated in my wish to order via the mail with a money order. Jason Evege was helpful, courteous and kept me informed every step of the way. Now I must buy a set for my own use,and plan to order shortly. I, too have given up my 1,000 thread count sateens in favor of this superior fabric. Maybe I can unload the present inferior linens on Craigslist...

  3. My in-laws were visiting from Italy for the first time, so I knew it was time to ditch my shabby sheets. I've always dreamed of linen sheets, and finally decided to splurge since it was a special occasion. Fortunately Linoto made it much less of a splurge! As always, I waited until the last minute, and Jason worked with me to make sure the sheets arrived just in time. That's what I call customer service! My sheets are beautiful and perfect for the summer weather.

  4. We just bought a house and one of the first things I purchased was linen sheets, first ordering from another on line co. and then finding Linoto, after having to return a sheet that did not work. Jason understands true customer service. The personalized service I received from Jason at Linoto has turned me into a walking Linoto advertisement - I've been telling everyone about my great sheets and how thrilled I am with Linoto. I, too, am finding other homes for my old cotton sheets, which I will no longer need.

  5. Linoto linen looks and feels scrumptious: a wonderful luxury at a reasonable price! Thank you, Jason.

    (the good life, full of pleasure and indulgence)

    I FINALLY, found the sheets of my desire, i hope you do to.



  7. It's been 6 months since first doing business with Linoto. I bought a set for a wedding present, Jason insured that they were there the day before the wedding, in perfect condition for gifting (thanks again.)

    I have since bought 2 more sets, in Pale Blue and Oatmeal,but have selfishly kept them for myself. I just ordered set number 3, in White, today. Assuming I rotate them, and launder weekly, I can leave these sheets to my children. That's the kind of quality that costs this kind of money. The customer service is superb and my personal privacy is protected. I also appreciate being able to remit payment without having to resort to a credit card. Repeat business is the highest praise.

  8. Thank you, Jason, for your wonderful attention to every detail of customer service!

    Having carefully read the linen care-sheet with my recent order, I have thought to share with you another product besides the excellent Biokleen that I have used for 10 years which is 100% chemical-free and soap-free, if you can imagine it. I am quite thrilled that I will be using T-Wave Capsules, as they are called, to care for the linen. They are available at:, which features a little movie about them. The first time I used them - and because the drain hose hooks over the laundry tub and therefore I can see the rinse water - I was amazed to discover that it took 8-9 washes to rid all of our clothes of soap residue – this, having used only the prescribed amount, and not more. There is now a wonderful lightness to all of our clothing, and a fresh, clean odorless ‘aroma’. I will make note that the T-Wave capsules, including the 1/2 tsp. or so of ezymatic booster per wash, will not keep new white socks and t-shirts absolutely snow-white in color in the on-going process of washing over the life of the clothing items. This seems to be a concern with women I have shared this with ... along with a warranted general skepticism about the ability to clean clothes without soap. The benefits of washing with the capsules are so wonderful to me personally that this has never bothered me. (It was surely a bit of a leap for me to try them, but my own self-talk of years ago convinced me that there was only one way to find out.) Occasionally, I will soak certain white items (like kitchen towels and handkerchiefs, etc.) in a separate bucket with oxy-clean for a couple of days, and this whitens perfectly. I then put the items in the washing machine on the rinse cycle, and then wash anew with the T-Wave capsules. (Originally I purchased the capsules from a place in CA and spoke at length with someone about them, and she said that the capsules must not be used together with any kind of laundry soap.) They last 500 washes for a front-loader, and 700 for a top-loader. I make a document-chart for myself with 500 squares - and this is how I keep track. Lastly, because there is no residue, there is no need for softeners - either liquid or sheets for the dryer – so the entire scheme of washing and drying clothes is 100% chemical-free.

    This, then, is how I will care for Linoto bath and bed linens, which, one day, I hope to use exclusively.

    Thanks, and best wishes,


  9. We just purchased a set, exquisite quality an icredible value.


  10. I have become addicted to linen sheets. Especially vintage sheets that are substantial and soft. Most linen sheets on the retail market these days don't have the high thread count and substance of vintage sheets from the 20's to
    50's. My favorites are the old Belgian and Irish classic linen cambrics of yore. No one makes them like they used to.

  11. These linen sheets are simply marvelous and I thought I could never afford them. I read once where Jackie Kennedy Onassis slept on them and now I have them. No more cotton sheets for me. I would like to give my niece a wedding present of these sheets.

  12. Thanks for all your help. I've spent a great deal of time working on Altar Guild at our church which uses linen hand embroidered cloths, I also have sold vintage linens in my antiques business, and always desired to sleep on a set. I made the splurge and have appreciated so much being educated about Belgian linen sheets. I purchased a set of Eco-Belgian linen for our waterbed at camp....we have a Cal King and the fitted sheet fit PERFECTLY. I realize now that everyone "dresses" a bed differently so make sure you communicate your wishes. Also note which seam side you want to be visible. It's a rare find to do business these days with someone as interested and passionate about what they are doing as Jason. How refreshing! Best wishes, Susan