Monday, May 16, 2011

Be Inspired!

Today was the third day of the International Contemporary Furniture Fair or the ICFF in New York City. Tomorrow, May 17, for one day only, it opens to the public. To the untrained eye, furniture fairs, especially contemporary trade fairs like the ICFF might seen like the strange offspring of an IKEA showroom and the USS Enterprise. But, in fact, the ICFF is actually the place top designers go to unveil some of the latest trends.

The Javits Center opens its doors to over five hundred vendors, store buyers and other industry insiders. 500,000 feet are dedicated to those on the cutting edge of furniture and houseware design. From sculptures to sculpture-like-armchairs, the featured pieces walk a fine line between functionality and art. Their creators are themselves artists and builders.

Maximization of space seems to be at the heart of this years’ fair. A two in one toilet bidet by Phillipe Starck caught our eye. As did a futuristic looking desk organizer/pen holder by Dominik Raskin which was awarded the Shapeways ICFF Contest Winner.

Yuki Matsuoka’s cardboard robots (pictured above) for Japenese designer D-Torso are not only space savers (their nearly disposable!) but probably the coolest thing at this years' event as they performed for swarms of thrilled fair-goers.

We here at Linoto, love a chance to take a look at the future of design. When possible, we make it a point to find those designers on the cutting edge of the Next Big Thing. The ICFF is just one of many places we like to go for inspiration. We also love a good car show, a great artisan market or even a walk in the woods – all of which inspire us and get our blood flowing.

So if you can make it to the ICFF’s public day, we highly recommend it. If not, we also suggest a stroll through the park.

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