Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Silver Ball Museum

Our friend getting his pinball on. Photo by, Rose Callahan

If you drive the New Jersey shore, you just might come across the Silver Ball Museum. This little gem, at the center of Asbury's boardwalk, boasts the top two hundred pinball machines of all times. Carnival games abound, from Ski Ball to Miss Pacman, if you can't find a game you love in this place, you are made of wood.

The day we went was a dreary and gray one. To be honest, we were tempted to stay wrapped up in our linen sheets and listen to the rain drops on our roof. But instead we chose the adventure. And what we found were machines that ran the gamut from 18th century mechanized to 20th century technical.
Pinball Wizard!

Each of them - individually a work of art - colorful and bright, were the chosen games of their time. Getting to play them, was an amazing treat. The next time you find yourself on the Jersey Shore, stop by and see for yourself!

A gray day on the pier.

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