Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Phase II of the High Line

Yesterday New York City unveiled the second phase of the High Line, a cutting edge park built on an elevated and abandoned railroad track. If you were ever lucky enough to sneak up there before it became a public attraction, you probably recall finding yourself transported into another world. Perched above the city’s West Side, there was something peaceful about meandering among the surprising flora and looking down on the frantic pace below.

In an effort to maintain this ethereal feel, the High Line, now open to the public from Gansevoort in the Meat Packing district, to 30th St at 10th Avenue, remains a series of expansive walkways peppered with such delights as a 4900 square foot “Great Lawn” above 23rd St., an amphitheater overlooking 10th Avenue and artistic benches scattered throughout from which an easy sunset is just begging to be enjoyed.

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