Friday, June 17, 2011

The Breakers: Newport Rhode Island

Overlooking the exquisite Rhode Island Atlantic Ocean coast sit the former homes of several of America’s historically wealthiest and influential families. The most opulent of these homes is The Breakers.

Built by Cornelius Vanderbilt II, the grandson of railroad tycoon, Commodore Vanderbilt, The Breakers, a 70 room palazzo boasts a two story dining room and a Great Hall overlooked by carved limestone statues depicting humanities progress through the arts and commerce. Each room displays of some of the world’s finest fabrics and technologies of its day.

From plumbing to electricity, the house was designed by the great American architect, Richard Morris Hunt. It is now open to tourists.


  1. Wow that mansion looks pretty huge, and look at that ocean view! It is interesting to know how the previous occupants live such a wealthy life.

  2. The view from the porch is simply breathtaking! I have always admired Richard Morris Hunt for his epic architectural works.

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