Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Linoto- at home in the Garment Center!

I am pleased to announce that Linoto has moved our workshop and offices into to a fantastic, sun-drenched new space in the heart of New York City’s garment district. We're minutes from Times Square and The High Line park. In the morning, I commute on my bike through Central Park.  Arriving each morning to a space with plenty of windows and high ceilings is such a joy. I'm very excited about hanging plants to add a bit more joy to the space.

With added machines and a larger cutting table, we will operate more efficiently. This is also a perfect space for photo shoots.  The addition of special drying racks allows us to conserve on electricity by cutting out nearly all of the mechanical drying. The linen sheets are fluffed for only a few minutes then hung over tall racks to finish air drying. This air drying method is the secret to soft, luxurious, linen sheets. 

Here, Edina, works on the same machine she's used for years, but moved in front of a large sunny window on 39th Street. Making large items like linen coverlets and linen duvet covers requires space for cutting, sewing, washing, packing, and storage. Making high-quality, hand-made linens requires a talented and dedicated staff of very skilled artisans who can notice every detail and finish each item with care and precision.

As we move into autumn, I hope you'll celebrate the exciting move for Linoto. I am eternally grateful for all of the wonderful customers who have purchased Linoto linen sheets,  tablecloths, and other beautiful home accessories. Look for our upcoming Linoto blog posts about the fantastic new short film, Be Linen Movie by Benoit Millot. , New linen qualities in pale blue, warm gray, and graphite, as well as a linen coverlet and shams with luscious silk filling!


  1. I'm glad you have moved somewhere near my place. This is one of my favorite t shirt manufacturers because of the quality apparels they make.

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