Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beach Bicycling

Who doesn’t hope to get to the beach at least once every summer? Once there, we will laze on our beach chairs drinking iced lemonade, getting sand in our hair and hiding under our Jackie O hats. Our linen towels falling away, there is ample time to run in the surf.

This year, we recommend reaching back to a little burst of childhood on your beach vacation: Ride a bike! Beach hoppers can be rented in almost every beach town if you can’t be bothered to bring your own.

Nothing parallels the feeling of the salty wind on your face as you pedal effortlessly from adorable beach town to adorable beach town. Make sure you stock up on salt water taffy and sample the rich frozen custard if you are pedaling on the East Coast. If you pedal up or down the West Coast, sample the bounty of the vineyards or enjoy the fresh fruit smoothies.

Or, if the nearest beach is a lake, great or small, make sure you pack a fresh lunch in your bike basket and picnic on a boat dock under the setting sun.

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