Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Art and Inspiration in the Upper East Side: Buck House

I recently met with New York artist and taste-maker Deborah Buck at her upper east side gallery.

Buck House, located in Manhattan at 1318 Madison Ave (Between 93rd & 94th Streets) is an inviting and unique collection of art and antiques from every age.  Deborah surrounds her own paintings with other equally special objects such as glass work, sculptures, and jewelry.  The result: beautiful and harmonious scenes that reflect and inform both her artwork and the items she selects.  These scenes have been collected into a self published book called Tableau, which she graciously gave to me. A second book is currently in the works with new scenes and women as the inspiration. This time, she is redressing the front window of her gallery to symbolize the personality of imaginary female characters. Each display will run from 7-10 days and she plans to have 30 windows finished and photographed within the next year. The window displayed above represents an artist's model and muse in her apartment  in turn-of-the-century Paris. She is surrounded by gifts from artists and admirers as well as images of herself that painters have given her. A. Muse is her name; a tongue and cheek reference to her identity.
"Hands" original artwork by Deborah Buck

"The Indian" by surrealist painter Alvaro Guillot (1931-2010)
Art Deco pedestal

turquoise and exceptional examples of costume jewelry
Integrity in design, Deborah simple motto, is what sets Buck House apart from an antiques showroom or an art Gallery.  The upper east side has plenty of those.  She is not merely collecting and reselling, she is working, creating, and applying her own very tasteful stamp of reference on the gorgeous antiques and vintage items she collects on her travels all across the globe.  From vessels and jewelry to sublime lamps and furniture, each item in the gallery is special.  Though the items originate from different  places and eras, there is a unifying aesthetic that is rich, dynamic, and inspiring.

sublime glass work
a fantastic bronze lamp, ceramic vases and pitcher
Buck House will soon be offering its own line of wallpapers featuring design elements in Deborah's paintings. She gave me a sneak preview of an amazing silver matte-on-shine wallpaper with the same Foo dog from the Buck House logo worked into a geometric key pattern. Very chic. No official release has been set for the wallpapers, but keep watching her blog to find out more.

I was first introduced to Deborah when she purchased several sets of linen sheets from Linoto.  The aqua color she chose is an identical match to the signature "Buck House Blue" that is uses consistently in the gallery interior.

Gilt glazed ceramic vase
Whether you live in New York and enjoy exploring new neighborhoods or you are planning a visit, I highly recommend visiting the Buck House where you're guaranteed to be inspired by the fabulous art and design.

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  1. Very cool and attractive designs. I really liked the creativity and the way it is presented...