Friday, August 14, 2009

castile soap to launder linen

I recently visited New York's union square farmer's market. If you've never been, This is an incredible place to find beautiful local produce, tropical plants, and great pieces of artwork and crafts. I bought fruits and vegetables including some incredible summer raspberries. To my dismay, when I returned home I found that incredible summer raspberry juice all over the bottom of my linoto linen tote bag. My first thought was that the bag is surely ruined. Raspberry, along with red wine and cranberry juice are among the toughest stains. I was desperate and determined to save my beloved tote. It's been so useful all summer long. I used a few drops of Shadow Lake organic castile soap which I'd recently purchased as a hand soap. Amazingly, like a magic trick, the raspberry stains disappeared before my eyes within seconds of applying it. Since then I've been using it on my own linoto linen sheets with incredible results. It leaves the linen feeling soft, clean, and inviting. I'm not saying that this will become linoto's main laundry soap, but it is certainly a wonderful product. I often say that mother nature has solutions to most of our little day-to-day problems. This soap is a perfect example. Instead of bleach or some harsh chemical detergents, natural vegetable based soaps save the day! I'd love to hear from others who have used castile soap for laundering linen or any other fabrics.

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